maandag 27 augustus 2007

die mutter wählt das todtenkleidchen mini cd '07

1. Leichenbergen 06:10
2. And the Waters Shall Prevail Upon the Earth 06:34
3. 29 Needles 07:58
4. Die Mutter Wählt Das Todtenkleidchen 09:28

Released on corps morts records (can).
Some of my best work to date! Leichenbergen (corps mountains) plods along dissonantly and onevenly with orchestral stabs and bass wails to reveal some deaden melody's buried beneath the chaos, to end with a timeless drone bludgeoned with low frequencies. Track two is a harsh black metal workout ridden with orchestral sample,insane shrieking and a dissonant sense of melody. Over the top harshness. 29 needles (refering to 29 different needles revealed by a prison x-ray in the groin of serial killer Albert Fish) is a dark funeraldoom paced study in bleakness and uneasy tone structures resulting in an intense pain-ridden listen. 'Die mutter' is a twisted drone with four basses and some drums. Feedback buzzes around this track as flies around a ripe corps. Ah..i did not even mention the subject matter...
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prefering human skin over animal fur c-30/Cdr '07

side A 1. Prefering human skin over animal Fur 12:20
Side B 2. Spasming and Howling 07:50
3. Glorification of Rats 05:34

C-30 cassette released by epicene_esr (us) juli '07 limited to 50 copy's.
The 'Prefering human skin over animal Fur' is a long drony funeral crawl with an extreme uneasy atmosphere. Obscure scraping noises, wailing and weeping female voices, lost fragments of nightly conversation of the dead, washes of static noise, chimes, howling winds, and the trademark sick bass sounds and otherworldly vomiting of blood poetry. And okay it's serial killer obsessed! DARK!

The b-side continues with utter sickness and dissonance; the 'spasming' tracks starts of with ghostly voice until the oppressive and suffocating bass and drums kick in with time defying signature and dissonace to climax with slow motion knife stabs.
'Glorification' is a more uptempo bleeding; again with weird time signatures. Dark and gloriously depraved in it's subject matter and sound; "Abandon hope all ye who enter here..."

Now also available as dvd-case with different Artwork.
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vrijdag 24 augustus 2007

spasming and Howling...vomiting Helplessly '07

Full title...Spasming and Howling, Bowels Loosening and
Bladder Emptying, Vomiting Helplessly..."

1. Totentanz / Kindergrab 07:36
2. Sound the Horns, the Water is Poisoned 06:57
3. Nihilism; Tied Up and Burning 06:39
4. Chinese Torture Worship 08:18
5. Horse Drawn Hearse 09:50
6. Seven Heads, Ten Horns 08:40

Three old tracks; three new tracks; Download only promo! Not a physical release! Downloaded over 2400 times (aug 2007)! Got some rave reviews on the net. A 'nice' introduction to the sound of gnaw their tongues. Personal favorite; Totentanz/Kindergrab. A slow and brooding weird fucked up track with a gruesome subject; big production and harsh sound manipulation! Track 1 and 4 were suppossed to be a 10-inch. Never happened.
For all you freeloading bastards the whole promo as zip
And here you can stream + single download the tracks!

issei sagawa ep '07

1. White Skin 04:27
2. Sadosagawa 05:04

Conceptual ep about japanese cannibal "issei sagawa" who ate a woman and spend only ± 5 years in prison. Now he is a celebrity in Japan. Google "issei sagawa" for the whole story.

Music wise this is more of an industrial outing. Dark and sick soundscapes; tribal drumming; harrowing sample (in dutch!) telling the story of Issei sagawa. It's the sound of insanity; sickness and masochism. Free download here

deathdrone 3 cdr '07

1. nihilism; tied up and burning (also on the download only promo)
2. anhedonia
3. destroying is creating
4. diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders
5. the planets align and nothing happens
6. untitled bonus track

Third release; released in 2007 as CDR. Material recorded in 2005/2006. All remixed for a better sound. These were tracks that didn't fit on the two previous releases. So i tweaked and twisted them and dumped them all on one cd; "Leftover abortions drowned in bile..". Half of these tracks will appear on: "reeking, pained and shuddering" cd released on Paradigms Recordings with three brand new tracks!

As usual a wide range of sounds and subjects; from death ambient to raging black metal to slow body dragging work outs. A really sick 'celebration' of pain; death; weltschmerz in general. Comes in a handmade cardboard sleeve. 5 euro's (+ postage). Order: here

Currently Out of print!

horse drawn hearse ep cdr '06

1. the behemoth crawls ashore
2. horse drawn hearse (also on the download only promo)
3. another study in bleakness and despair

Second release; released in 2006 as CDR. Material recorded in 2006; Low, slow, harsh and creepy. Extreme slow droning funeral doom with paranoid shrieking on top. Features a sermon on hell; bible book revelations; and death. Uneasy, severly disturbed en generally fucked up. Like slowly beating bodies to a pulp and really enjoying it. Comes in a handmade cardboard sleeve. 5 euro's (+ postage).
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donderdag 23 augustus 2007

spit at me and wreak havoc on my flesh cdr '06

1. a burned offering
2. spit at me and wreak havoc on my flesh
3. stabmovement and skinning essay
4. ...gnaw their tongues in pain
5. healing open wounds with salt
6. seven heads and ten horns (also on the download only promo)
7. death, suffering and death

First release; released in 2006 as CDR. Material recorded from 2004 to 2006; ranging from avantgarde blackmetal to slow droning doom to trance inducing chaos. The material is ridden with samples from the bible, a explanation of an autopsy, to drugs confession of ex prostitutes. Grim music and even grimmer subjects. Comes in a handmade cardboard sleeve. 3 euro's (+ postage). Order: here

Currently Out of print!