maandag 14 maart 2011

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woensdag 2 februari 2011


Out 7 feb 2011 on
7 track concept album packaged in a six panel digipack.

Track 2 of the album.

Two other tracks in themyspace player.

The Divine Antithesis tracklist:

He taketh angelical form to quest the divine antithesis
part 1: Transfiguration
part 2: The stench of burning wings

And a great fyre flamed out of it vehemently
part 3: The Flaming Sword
part 4: The Heavens
part 5: Torn between ruins, faith and the Divine

Divine Death
part 6: Burning Hands and a Crown of Flames
part 7: Angelical deformity

There also will be DMV shirts.

More info soon.

dinsdag 11 januari 2011

update 2011

Upcoming: In the works are two split LP's as Gnaw Their Tongues. Been also busy working on providing sounds/intro's/collabs for three other bands/projects.

Februari will see the new DE MAGIA VETERUM album 'The Divine Antithesis', which will be out on Transcendental Creations (can). And (probably) a month later the first of two new ADERLATING cd's, which will be released on belgium label Consouling Sounds, entitled: 'Spear of Gold and Seraphim Bone' (part 1 and 2).

Also in the work is an collab album with noisemaster NEKRASOV. That project is yet untitled.

Work has also began on the next Gnaw Their Tongues full lenght.

Finally the 'L'arivee..' album reached number 19 in TERRORIZER's top 40 albums of 2010!

woensdag 27 oktober 2010

Aderlating - DOOD - C80 cassette

Out now on my own new label DEVOTIONAL HYMNS (
50 copies. One long 38 minute track (the same on both sides). White pro-dubbed tapes/ivory white boxes/pro full colour j-card. Reserve a copy at: devotionalhymns(at)hotmail(dot)com.

dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

Gnaw Their Tongues - L'arrivée de la Terne Mort Triomphante sept 2010

Out now my fifth Gnaw Their Tongues full lenght: L'arrivée de la Terne Mort Triomphante.
A five track concept album about death. Released in the US by Crucial Blast Records (digipack with tshirt deal/digipack). In the UK/EU by Candlelight Records. Vinyl version (with slightly different art) is taken care of by Burning World Records.

This album is different from 'all the dread..'. The sounds here are all inspired by death. Dare i say it: introspective, contemplative, still dark as fuck. It features some of my most depressive/bombastic/melodic tracks. Really proud of this one.

l'arrivée de la terne mort triomphante.
Slowcrawling tom-tom's, metallic percussion with droning basses are joined in this opening ritual by a MASSIVE choir to celebrate the arrival of death. More reflective moments with sorrowfilled violins/piano make way for the crushing finale of bombastic grandeur. Probably the most bombastic/depressive GTT track ever!

les anges frémissent devant la mort.
Sinister brass plus crawling chaotic snares and timpany's comtemplate the majestic slow moving reaper. A lone cornet wails with fear. All white turns to grey and eventually black. Angels tremble with fear as Death passes by slowly. Again the finale is massive.

la mort dans toute son ineffable grandeur.
Chaotic, dissonant and filthy. Screeching violins and piano join percussion and basses for a wild dance. Death transform from the calm white to furious red. The final section is again massive and sorrowfilled. Wailing violin weep, massive choirs and pounding percussion.

le chant de la mort
Pure blind rage as death sings his song. Overblown frequencies and uneven rythms. A continious choir note and dissonant violins.

le trône blanc de la mort.
The most emotional piece probably.

woensdag 15 september 2010

DE MAGIA VETERUM - In Conspectu Divinae Majestatis - FREE EP sept 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD EP. Recorded for a cancelled split cd. Chaos obssessed death worship!

1.Whirlwind Of Fleeting Death 03:29
2.The Golden Throne 03:19
3.In Conspectu Divinae Majestatis 03:50
4.Empire of Emptiness 03:57

<a href="">In Conspectu Divinae Majestatis - sept 2010 by DE MAGIA VETERUM</a>

woensdag 21 juli 2010

Update Juli 2010

Upcoming: New GTT album on Crucial Blast and Candlelight records (summer 2010). The new De Magia Veterum is finished (no release date yet).

Plus two collabs coming up/working on: one with Bob Nekrasov (of audio terrorist Nekrasov). It will be under a new, yet untitled, project name. Expect the unexpected.

Also a split/collab/file exchange project with Aderlating with Lee from Theologian (album out on Crucial Blast this year)/Navicon Torture Technologies. Will probably be a tape release with an Aderlating T-shirt!

Also been working on a few sketches for GTT material. I updated my studio, so now i'm busy getting to know the new toys.

And finally, been also really busy with sleeves/art for a couple of other bands/projects.

woensdag 28 april 2010

Gnaw Their Tongues - The Blotched And The Unwanted - April 2010

Download only! Unreleased, old, new, sick, unwanted, dead material for corruption of souls. Recorded between 2006 and 2010. Download also includes high-res sleeve intented for a DVD-Box + blotched wallpaper. Will not be released in any other format.
$2 for +60 minutes of music in lossless (flac) cd quality.

Download/Stream here

1. Tomb 02:44:
Never used intro: intro was intended for the 'all the dread..' album

2. Massgrave Hymn 05:34
Recorded track from around the 'bubonic burial rites' free download ep.

3. An erotic beheading 05:11
Old track from around the 'prefering ..ep' period.

4. Rape In Early Spring 13:26
Recorded this for an vinyl only LP which got cancelled. very moody beginnings and brutal ending. Stand out song in my opinion. Never fitted in with the other albums.

5. Bloedkorst 03:48
Unfinished track from the 'all the dread..' sessions. I left the second part out as it was unfinished.

6. Untitled 03:52
Recorded for the 'an epihpanic...' album. The second half of this track (which is missing here) became another track. Still like this first part.

7. Lightless 08:54
Recorded for the split with painforged. Very different track. I really like how the church organ sounds came out.

8. Scatological Meditation 20:27
Recorded for an vinyl only LP. Recorded the drums very basic and started piling sounds. Turned out vile.

9. Prayer For The Bloodred Rain 04:07
Oldest track on this compilation. Based on a burial trumpets piece. Eerie.

woensdag 24 maart 2010

Aderlating - Devotional Hymns - march 2010

Release date 29 march 2010.
The second Aderlating full length : Devotional Hymns.
Released by Shadowgraph Records
Packaged in delux six panel digipack. 300 cd's will be available.

6 long hymns (± 60 minutes) filled with utter darkness.
Black metal, drone, noise, horrorsoundtrack. A versatile sound; yet all harsh and monotonous. Most tracks feature live drumming and other instrumentations.

01. And thou shall breath sulfur as last breath
Ritual trance. Blasting choir lead damnation. Low bludgeoning basses clash with orchestral swirls and blastbeats.

02. Travel the fog as death reaping the lands
Coffin transmissions and clanging metal lead an orgy of improv drums and low disaster.

03. The shallow waters of the styx
The boat of charon scapes over the bottom of the styx. Demons screeching in despair above. The void will swallow you whole.

04. The ravenous bloodlust of fallen angels
Tribal drums evoke the angels revenge. Choirs exalt blasphemies in the lowest of keys.
Slowly the hate rises from the damp earth and burst into a frenzied blackmetal trance.

05. Devotional Hymns
Monotonous low sounds in an eternal battle with drums. Nightmare inspired voices in a devotional trance to all things dark and vile. The sound of sound dying.

06. Possession
Harsh frequencies as funeral music. A true nightmare.

The whole cd will be streamed at the Aderlating myspace in the week following the release date.

Or here:

info: shadowgraph(at)comcast(dot)net
or: aboydom(at)hotmail(dot)com

donderdag 18 maart 2010

Aderlating / Nekrasov Split LP

One long track from Nekrasov: Qualities of being futile and valueless.
Three Aderalting tracks: Chalice Of Abalam, Ritus Orgia Sanquin and Dog Semen.

Released on in a edition of 300.

If you want one mail me at: aboydom(at)hotmail(dot)com

donderdag 25 februari 2010

Tsutomu Miyazaki - cassette ep march 2010

This is the follow up to the free Issei Sagawa EP from 2007.
It's similar themed: this time another Japanese murderer. Gruesome and sick: Tsutomu Miyazaki.

Three tracks:

01. Erika. Cold. Cough. Throat. Rest. Death.
Uneasy droning low frequency horror with live drums. Dissonant high-end synth abuse.

02. Mari. Cremated. Bones. Investigate. Prove.
A continuation of the first track. The same atmosphere, slightly darker.

03. Tsutomu Miyazaki.
Intense low-fi metal clangs abuse. The idea was to capture the horrible scene's of Miyazaki's house.

"Tsutomo Miyazaki" will be released in an edition of 100 individually hand-numbered
copies, professionally duplicated on white shell cassettes with on-body printing, housed in a clear plastic cassette case, with red silk-screen printed J-cards on thick white stock.
This is then placed in a red and white ink silk-screen printed wrap-around cover on thick black stock and sealed with a white ink silk-screen printed Japanese-style obi strip on thick red stock.
A set of limited edition silk-screen printed T-shirts to accompany this release are also available with the 'Tsutomo Miyazaki' design on the front and the Hell Lies In Others logo on the back in red ink. T-shirts are available in black, grey or white.

Info/order/pre-order/pics etc:

maandag 4 januari 2010

Split with painforged jan 2010

Split with Painforged.
Three tracks of 'different' Gnaw Their Tongues material.

Kaolo: Bugelhorns/live drums/live Timpani/voice. A dark improv ritual for the dying.

Kaolo II: Organ/live drums/guitars/bassguitars/violin/voice.
Video here:
demons invocation through self-immolation.

The heads of beasts needed sex: bowed bass/live drums/live Timpani/noises/spoken word.
universal filth impaled with perversity.

100 copies. Packaged in a DVD-Box + black CDR.
Order at Shadowgraph records

Dim Lit Hate Cellar dec 2009

Recordings from 2004 i found on my hardrive.
Total hateful black metal!
Download the ep for free: here

woensdag 2 december 2009

Update december 2009

If people are looking for certain records; i got plenty left of:
all the dread (cd/2xLP), die mutter..(re-release cd), rend each other like wild beasts..LP and DE MAGIA VETERUM - Migdal Bavel cd.
Mail me here if you want one (or wholesale) of those.

dinsdag 30 juni 2009

All the dread magnificence of perversity. 2xlp/cd/digital download july 2009.

This took an enormous amount of energy, sweat and blood. Hours and hours of recording, editing, mixing. Many very late night sessions.
It contains familiar aspects of the 'gnaw' sound (if there is one? i think all the releases have there own sound) and also some new/unheard sounds!
It's a monster..

01. My orifices await ravaging
Awakening to an unpleasant orifice ravaging. Low pounding percussion and low roaring bass stabs. Metal clang, slaughtered pigs. Truely disturbing growls and screams. Stings fighting with horns. Deathstruggle. Chaos. Unbearable tension. A mess of pain and blood.

02. Verbrannt und verflucht
(Burned and cursed) Bloodcurling string swells. Uneven rhythms, chaotic riffs/stabs/clangs. Scraping black board with a pulled off fingernail. Bombastic grandeur.

03. Broken fingers point upwards in vain
Bowed bass guitar warns of the upcoming horror. Harsh dissonant string/bass/drums in a muderers embrace with high shrieking vocals. A middle section stalked by cinematic strings, bowed bass and a sacrificial ritual. More depressing bowed bass/cello/drones ending in a funeral march with really unsettling victim screams.

04. The stench of dead horses on my breath and the vile of existence in my hands
Featuring a poem by Gustave Flaubert. The lowest and harshest track. Feedback, noise, dissonance. Slow industrial pounding, an orchestra played by fallen angels. A depressing anthem to celebrate death. A monotonous soulrape for the end of mankind.

05. l’Ange qui annonce la fin du temps
Stealth. Tension. Low stretched vocals. Hissing of serpents. Dread filled whispers. Low piano abuse and slow pounding drums. Long stretched notes and dead building drones. True dread filled sonic horror. Indeed fin du temps.

06. Gazing at me through tears of urine
A vile nightmare filled with urine drenched victims, accompanied by the darkest cinematic sweeps and melodies bordering on the dissonant but not really. Almost 'catchy'

07. Rife with deep teeth marks
Slowly building from noise and orchestral stabs to a full grown disaster of clashing sounds: all uneven rythms, bass riffs and orchestral horror, with the second half buzzing with trombones like flies around a decaying body. After grinding down to a screeching halt, a dark piano/bass motive emerges from the filth to explode in a terrible distorted bassdrone melody. Heavy track.

08. All the dread magnificence of perversity
Horror. Dread. Trombones. Strings. Screams. Low. Noise. Thick and dense. And a really BIG finale.

09. The gnostic ritual consumption of semen as embodiment of wounds teared in the soul
A two note drone/trance workout with lo-fi percussion and extremely low tuned bass and vocals sounding like someone vomiting up gallons of semen. A harsh wall of dissonant high-pitched strings slowly join the ritual and ceremonial bells top of the sound spectrum.

(vinyl only)
10. Thee, I invoke, Akephalou
A slow 'quite' invokation. Stealth and tension.

11. I hear only the clanking of the scythe
Probably the hardest/harshest track. Distorted, noisy and frantic violin work.

12. A promise of revenge whispered from stitched lips
A slow drone track. All dark distorted bass chords and stretched tones and thunderous percussion. Pregnant with dread and with a promise of revenge. Again the haunted sounds of trombone suffocate the ending of this track.

vrijdag 12 juni 2009

all the dread magnificence of perversity. june 2009 pre order deals!

right: pre-order extravaganza. both cd and 2xlp pre order of the upcoming album: 'all the dread magnificence of perversity', come with a lot of limited goodies:

LP: packaged in a silkscreen wooden box(!)/gatefold sleeve 2xLP (gold)/special 'dread' t-shirt/silkscreen of the sleeve art/bwr sticker. check it at: Burning World

CD: gatefold digi sleeve/two different colored shirts/sticker/buttons. check it at: Crucial Blast

both pre-order packages are limited; so hurry up if you dont want to miss out on these special deals. once they are gone, there gone!

maandag 18 mei 2009

“rend each other like wild beasts, till earth shall reek with midnight massacre” LP may 2009

Vinyl only! 300 copy's. First 50 with exclusive shirt!
Pro thick cover + printed innersleeve + thick vinyl

Three long harsh shrieking and droning tracks:
Side A: “rend each other like wild beasts, till earth shall reek with midnight massacre”

Opening with low droning nightmares, topped of with a battle call on a traditional 'shofar' (goathorn) with drum rolls building the tension untill the final release comes in the form of total chaotic bass and drums war/improv with layer upon layer of nasty sounds/noises/screams more drums, more bass, more shrieking: indeed sounding like 'rend each other like wild beasts..'

Side B: I “then shall they come, oh master, shrieking from red battle fields to people thy dark realms”

Building, flowing, hushed, nightmarish loud, tension, piano, strings, bass, drums, whispering, screaming, deathrattles, broken bodies, blood soaked battlefields, dissonance, creating, destroying, aborted....death

II - in sullen silence stalks forth pestilence

A study in stealth and feedback, a funeral march, thousand untuned violins fighting with the lowest bass sounds and drums all dressed in piercings feedback attire..

Exclusively available at At War With False Noise

maandag 27 april 2009

rife with deep teeth marks

Free track from the upcoming full lenght 'All the dread magnificence of perversity'

Download here

donderdag 26 maart 2009

die mutter wählt das todtenkleidchen re-release march 2009

Finally: re-release of 'die mutter wählt das todtenkleidchen' + "Dawn Breaks Open Like A Wound That Bleeds Afresh" + 3 new extra songs!


1 leichenbergen
2 and the waters shall prevail upon the earth (both from die mutter)
3 eaten by the messenger of the light
4 tod ist nur tod (both new)
5 29 Needles
6 die mutter wählt das todtenkleidchen (both from die mutter)
7 blood drenched altars
8 knife...martyr...despair
9 dawn breaks open like a wound that bleeds afresh (the three from dawn)
10 I am the Lord and there is no other; I make the light, I create darkness...(new track)

Die mutter.. was originally released 2007 in a number of 100 copies (sold out in a week or so). Dawn Breaks Open Like.. was originally released 2007 in a number of 150 copies (long sold out)

Now out in a gorgeous three panel digipack + sticker. All chaotic sinister fast black metal/doom/noise fuck ups/offs. My most 'black metal' sounding stuff.

The label website u-8-c says: Truly sanity-splitting & soul-erasing nightmare sludge / symphonic black metal-cacophony. The evilest sounding band in the history of music. A one-man act from the Netherlands. Words can't give justice to the frightening power of this music. More apocalyptic than apocalypse itself. You've been warned... This 'audiophile quality' CD comes in a satanically elegant 6-panel eco-wallet and includes a GNAW THEIR TONGUES sticker.

original 'die mutter..' release
original 'dawn..' release

dinsdag 21 oktober 2008

the genocidal deliverance ep 7 inch okt 2008

1. The Genocidal Deliverance
2. Dead Bird Prophecies

7 inch single out on At War With False Noise.

Two chaotic black metal tracks!

Order here At War With False Noise

Info here

Website says: First time on 7" for this black metal beast! Whilst the last release I did for Gnaw Their Tongues was very Abruptum-esque crypt-dwelling, chain-clanking noise, this release sees Mories go for a more "traditional" - if that can ever be said of GTT - black metal approach. Fast and raw as fuck but with some great melodies going on, there's even a trad metal wail on the A side. It's got the same basement production you'll be used to, reminds me a little of a really under-produced and less technically-adept Marduk circa-"Heaven Shall Burn...". Side B "Dead Bird Prophecies" starts off with some cryptic looping samples then goes straight for the jugular with a complete mess of drums and total black guitar, a total blown-out savage disaster. It all culminates in a chorus of wailing guitar solo, noise and skrieking vocal before settling on a weird keyboard line and some spoken word before all going mental again. Amazing!

300 copies, black vinyl. Pro-done colour sleeves with some unpleasant art by Mories.


maandag 6 oktober 2008

for all slaves... a song of false hope ep CD okt 2008

1.For all slaves... a song of false hope I 08:56
2.The uncomfortable silence in between beatings 09:36
3.A fiery deluge 08:04
4.My womb is barren and i want revenge 09:06
5.Aderlating 15:26
6.For all slaves... a song of false hope II 07:35

New ep (50+ minutes!) out on Burning world Records.

Six new dark droning horrors.
Excerpts in the myspace player
Uncensored sleeve art here

Order here Senor Hernandez

Info here

maandag 18 augustus 2008

split/remix cdr with Narcosa_ CDr

Tracks 1-2 by Narcosa
Tracks 3-4 by Gnaw Their Tongues

Limited to 50 copies.
1. Kadavergehorsam
2. Kadavergehorsam (Gnaw Their Tongues remix)
3. Transcending
4. Transcending (Narcosa remix)

This has been in the making for a very long time. Scary death ambient/drone stuff.

Sold Out!

vrijdag 16 mei 2008

an epiphanic vomiting of blood CD 2008

luxurious digisleeve edition of 'an epiphanic vomiting of blood' on crucial blast records.

I'm stoked; great distribution/great packaging/even greater music!!
check out some of the reviews (blog myspace)


Vinyl (superb quality) also available on Burning Wolrd Records

dinsdag 25 maart 2008

devotion ep CDr 2008

1. devotion
2. cannibalis
3. lijkvocht
4. opgebaard

a mini 'devotion' 100 copy's on at war with false noise.
the website says: "A new limited CDr from the current main man of torturous, necrotic black noise, Gnaw Their Tongues. This is some of his most noisy, "anti musical" stuff to date, all jangling chains, old samples of torture victims, cold synth and total NECROMATICAL SCREAMS. It reminds me a lot of Abruptum, but not quite as minimalistic. Whilst not overtly black metal in terms of sound, the aesthetic and general sense of utter misanthropy is abundantly clear. A perfect companion piece to his more "mainstream" releases. These won't stay around long so get 'em while you can!!

Put a lot of time and effort into the packaging on this one: A3-sized card sleeve with a black-on-black vellum insert, with a double-sided CD-size fully printed card sleeve inside, and printed silver CDr with black bottom. All held in a DVD-size PVC wallet. 100 copies."

SOLD OUT at at war with false noise !! t-shrirts avialable

i got some copy's left. order here SOLD OUT
Some copy's will be avialable at aquarius records SOLD OUT

recorded this a while ago being in a pretty nihilistic mood. had no intension on releasing it as a record. maybe put some tracks on other releases. than Al from at war contacted me about doing a release and these recordings where perfect for his great label.

Track 1. is all detuned bass guitars, feedback howling, improv/processed drums, distorted field recordings, acoustic guitars (distorted), my home made string device and a thousand other things. the second part features field recordings, low rumbles and a 'text-to-speech' spoken word parts, with some 'uplifting' poetry.

Track 2. contains samples from documentaries about the african practice of juju or cannibalism. in war-torn countries it's pretty common for militia member to eat slain enemies, or kill captured enemies for some liver/heart eating. gruesome! Also contains samples from a documentary about illegal organ trade in south africa. the music is again one big noise/improv orgasm of sound. all clashing drums/cymbals/bass/guitar/samples/synth.

Track 3. is a little more structured. still chaotic as fuck. lijkvocht means 'corpse fluids' in dutch.

Track 4. is an older track from another session that abandons the idea of 'structure', 'music' all together. all buzzing noise, alien soundscapes and deathyells. carpet bombing with sound. as i told you all on the first cd: death, suffering and death!!!!


donderdag 14 februari 2008

split w/ sic to the back teeth CDr 2008

gnaw their tongues side consists of 4 songs:
1. constructing enochian temples
2. glossolalia
3. and mightier are your voices than the manifold winds
4. they gathered themselves together and became...

this has been in the making for a very long time. and now it's here.
more info about the release here . more about experimentalist sic to the back teeth here . lots of FREE experimental/electro/weird/beautiful music here .

losely based on the enochian study's of Dr. John Dee and his seer Edward Kelley. a somewhat more 'spiritual' release (not as gay as it sounds) combined with "speaking in tongues". both i find quite interesting (and at same time reeking of fraud; but that is the sceptic in me). the music turned out really dark, pregnant with tension and releases, droning, trance-inducing.

In europe order here
In the US order here

woensdag 12 december 2007

an epiphanic vomiting of blood LP dec 2007

1. my body is not a vessel, nor a temple.
it's a repulsive pile of sickness
2. teeth that leer like open graves
3. sawn asunder and left for the beasts
4. an epiphanic vomiting of blood
5. the sewer rats of calcutta
6. and there will be more of your
children dead tomorrow
7. the urge to participate in butchery (CD version only)

500 copy's vinyl (two different colors)
Preview song here (Burning Wolrd Records)
and here (Myspace).

Release date: 15 december 2007

Order the LP (500 / black or white vinyl):here

Burning Wolrd Records

maandag 26 november 2007

bubonic burial rites FREE download ep nov 2007

1. bubonic burial rites 11:04
2. vademecum mutilus 7:02
3. tarred coffins 12:14

Download Here for FREE!
Three lenghty songs; dark/slow/harsh/droning

No left-over shit or something, just a thematic ep
that had been shelved for some time.
I finished it and uploaded it. I could do a limited
edition whatever but i choose for the free download
option etc. For many people to 'enjoy'.

bubonic burial rites: Slow droning sounds distorted organs and
choral samples with the heaviest most compressed
percussion sounds i've done so far. More sounds create a tension
/atmoshpere almost unbearable until the release:
a gong ritual with field recordings from the stillness
of the place i live. Slowly building the tension again to
result in some string/chamber music piece until the
mastodonic percussion announces the final bludgeon.

vademecum mutilus: Overblown production value's
I don't give a fuck, it just sounds right to me this way.
Reverbed feedback with sledgehammer stomps.
Low basses with extravagant distorted string samples
and mutilated screaming. Bliss!

tarred coffins: Refering to the custom of tarring coffins
during the time of the great plaque.
Starts off with my little eerie philicorda (sixties organ
from the netherlands). A little processing until the usual 'gnaw'
sickness comes in with the appetite of a starving dog.
Ripping to shreds the philicorda drone with distorted basses
and drums, wobbling high synthscreaming and prepared guitar.
Starting. Stopping. Tumbling over each other.
Fighting with the 'vocals' for a place in the sonic spectrum.
Resolving in a interlude with some melodic touches until the
final coda of overdistorted noise howling and spactic
percussion..the sound of demons eating the world.

More reading here

dinsdag 30 oktober 2007

"dawn breaks open like a wound..." 3 inch cdr/mini dvd case nov 2007

1. blood drenched altars
2. knife...martyr...despair
3. dawn breaks open like a wound that bleeds afresh

Out on Universal Tongue
Something special and limited! (50 copy's)
Packaged in full colour mini dvd case + black 3 inch cdr + insert

The website UT says:
UT06 Gnaw Their Tongues - Dawn Breaks Open Like A Wound That Bleeds Afresh

Often compared to Swans or Khanate, Gnaw Their Tongues show on this release their rawest side, in honour of the old underground spirit of '88-'92. 24 mns of fast and cruel black metal, with the usual samples and audio manipulation.

"Dawn Breaks Open Like A Wound That Bleeds Afresh" is presented in black 3" CDr, packaged in a mini-dvd case with insert, limited to 50 hand-numbered copies. Price: 4€ (write for postage).

it's my kind a tribute to the tapetrading days of yore.
before the 'luxuries' of internet and mp3. i don't say those days where better or worse. they are kind of special to me. when most bands had there own sound; and i waited eagerly on the postman to deliver another obscure jewel from brazil/mexico or zweden.
bands i discovered in those days: abhorrence/beherit/impeity/sabbat(jpn&uk)/abigail/sigh/rotting christ/darkthrone/master's-hammer/samael/necromantia/nihilist/
incubus(with mike browning) and thousands of other band that came to me on shitty noisy third copy tapes! HAIL!

most of these bands lost the charm for me with their new work, but i still dig those crappy tapes!

Sold Out

donderdag 13 september 2007

reeking, pained and shuddering cd '07

1. blood spills out of everything i touch 08:36
2. utter futility of creation 05:28
3. nihilism; tied up and burning 06:32
4. the evening wolves 04:52
5. destroying is creating 07:28
6. transition 10:24

Released on paradigms recordings (uk)
The paradigms website says: Harrowing, apocalyptic bestial ritual music from the deepest, darkest cellars of the Netherlands. Avant black metal, agonising funeral doom and blackened experimental drone noise stab forth again and again until all the blood is spilt and total carnage is all that remains. Pure dread put to music. Recommended for disturbed folk into Abruptum, Khanate, Axis Of Perdition, Swans and Univers Zero. Presented as a limited edition of 500 copies only, in white dvd sized box with insert.

Well i agree;

Blood spills out of everything i touch; brooding dissonance and orchestral howling create a tension beyond belief.
The track starts out with staccato drums and basschord stabs; to resolve in time defying rythmic slaughter; transforms to drone-like ambience only to slowly bleed to death while being raped by (fill in favorite serial killer here)! Including some real life samples featuring a notorious murder case in the UK.

Utter futility of creation; well everybody seems to like this one. I agree it's like getting high on blood. Check it in the myspace player.

Nihilism; tied up and burning; also featured on the free promo/deathdrone 3; here in a new more devasting mix.

Evening wolves; remix of the Anhedonia (Deathdrone 3) track; a more ambient/drone tracks..and SO dark! Features a spoken word sample from the bible book Habakkuk by the prophet Habakkuk; more info on him here.

Destroying is creating (new mix); classic gnaw track; harsh, slow, droning, very uneasy atmosphere, noisy, slight industrial feel.

Transition; Oh my god this turned out dark; the lowest tuned gnaw track! Thunderous drumsound; hypnotic guitars scratches/wailing; extremly low tuned basses (beyond B); crawling tempo; almost grinding to a halt at times. In 'honour' of Ed Gein. Very very...very dark...

The whole thing comes in a 'beautiful' packaged white DVD-box with some sickening sleeve art.

Order here

maandag 27 augustus 2007

die mutter wählt das todtenkleidchen mini cd '07

1. Leichenbergen 06:10
2. And the Waters Shall Prevail Upon the Earth 06:34
3. 29 Needles 07:58
4. Die Mutter Wählt Das Todtenkleidchen 09:28

Released on corps morts records (can).
Some of my best work to date! Leichenbergen (corps mountains) plods along dissonantly and onevenly with orchestral stabs and bass wails to reveal some deaden melody's buried beneath the chaos, to end with a timeless drone bludgeoned with low frequencies. Track two is a harsh black metal workout ridden with orchestral sample,insane shrieking and a dissonant sense of melody. Over the top harshness. 29 needles (refering to 29 different needles revealed by a prison x-ray in the groin of serial killer Albert Fish) is a dark funeraldoom paced study in bleakness and uneasy tone structures resulting in an intense pain-ridden listen. 'Die mutter' is a twisted drone with four basses and some drums. Feedback buzzes around this track as flies around a ripe corps. Ah..i did not even mention the subject matter...
Order here (world)
Order here (europe) 3 euro's (+ postage)


prefering human skin over animal fur c-30/Cdr '07

side A 1. Prefering human skin over animal Fur 12:20
Side B 2. Spasming and Howling 07:50
3. Glorification of Rats 05:34

C-30 cassette released by epicene_esr (us) juli '07 limited to 50 copy's.
The 'Prefering human skin over animal Fur' is a long drony funeral crawl with an extreme uneasy atmosphere. Obscure scraping noises, wailing and weeping female voices, lost fragments of nightly conversation of the dead, washes of static noise, chimes, howling winds, and the trademark sick bass sounds and otherworldly vomiting of blood poetry. And okay it's serial killer obsessed! DARK!

The b-side continues with utter sickness and dissonance; the 'spasming' tracks starts of with ghostly voice until the oppressive and suffocating bass and drums kick in with time defying signature and dissonace to climax with slow motion knife stabs.
'Glorification' is a more uptempo bleeding; again with weird time signatures. Dark and gloriously depraved in it's subject matter and sound; "Abandon hope all ye who enter here..."

Now also available as dvd-case with different Artwork.
3 euro's (+ postage) Order here (DVD-Case)

vrijdag 24 augustus 2007

spasming and Howling...vomiting Helplessly '07

Full title...Spasming and Howling, Bowels Loosening and
Bladder Emptying, Vomiting Helplessly..."

1. Totentanz / Kindergrab 07:36
2. Sound the Horns, the Water is Poisoned 06:57
3. Nihilism; Tied Up and Burning 06:39
4. Chinese Torture Worship 08:18
5. Horse Drawn Hearse 09:50
6. Seven Heads, Ten Horns 08:40

Three old tracks; three new tracks; Download only promo! Not a physical release! Downloaded over 2400 times (aug 2007)! Got some rave reviews on the net. A 'nice' introduction to the sound of gnaw their tongues. Personal favorite; Totentanz/Kindergrab. A slow and brooding weird fucked up track with a gruesome subject; big production and harsh sound manipulation! Track 1 and 4 were suppossed to be a 10-inch. Never happened.
For all you freeloading bastards the whole promo as zip
And here you can stream + single download the tracks!

issei sagawa ep '07

1. White Skin 04:27
2. Sadosagawa 05:04

Conceptual ep about japanese cannibal "issei sagawa" who ate a woman and spend only ± 5 years in prison. Now he is a celebrity in Japan. Google "issei sagawa" for the whole story.

Music wise this is more of an industrial outing. Dark and sick soundscapes; tribal drumming; harrowing sample (in dutch!) telling the story of Issei sagawa. It's the sound of insanity; sickness and masochism. Free download here

deathdrone 3 cdr '07

1. nihilism; tied up and burning (also on the download only promo)
2. anhedonia
3. destroying is creating
4. diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders
5. the planets align and nothing happens
6. untitled bonus track

Third release; released in 2007 as CDR. Material recorded in 2005/2006. All remixed for a better sound. These were tracks that didn't fit on the two previous releases. So i tweaked and twisted them and dumped them all on one cd; "Leftover abortions drowned in bile..". Half of these tracks will appear on: "reeking, pained and shuddering" cd released on Paradigms Recordings with three brand new tracks!

As usual a wide range of sounds and subjects; from death ambient to raging black metal to slow body dragging work outs. A really sick 'celebration' of pain; death; weltschmerz in general. Comes in a handmade cardboard sleeve. 5 euro's (+ postage). Order: here

Currently Out of print!

horse drawn hearse ep cdr '06

1. the behemoth crawls ashore
2. horse drawn hearse (also on the download only promo)
3. another study in bleakness and despair

Second release; released in 2006 as CDR. Material recorded in 2006; Low, slow, harsh and creepy. Extreme slow droning funeral doom with paranoid shrieking on top. Features a sermon on hell; bible book revelations; and death. Uneasy, severly disturbed en generally fucked up. Like slowly beating bodies to a pulp and really enjoying it. Comes in a handmade cardboard sleeve. 5 euro's (+ postage).
Order: here

donderdag 23 augustus 2007

spit at me and wreak havoc on my flesh cdr '06

1. a burned offering
2. spit at me and wreak havoc on my flesh
3. stabmovement and skinning essay
4. ...gnaw their tongues in pain
5. healing open wounds with salt
6. seven heads and ten horns (also on the download only promo)
7. death, suffering and death

First release; released in 2006 as CDR. Material recorded from 2004 to 2006; ranging from avantgarde blackmetal to slow droning doom to trance inducing chaos. The material is ridden with samples from the bible, a explanation of an autopsy, to drugs confession of ex prostitutes. Grim music and even grimmer subjects. Comes in a handmade cardboard sleeve. 3 euro's (+ postage). Order: here

Currently Out of print!