maandag 26 november 2007

bubonic burial rites FREE download ep nov 2007

1. bubonic burial rites 11:04
2. vademecum mutilus 7:02
3. tarred coffins 12:14

Download Here for FREE!
Three lenghty songs; dark/slow/harsh/droning

No left-over shit or something, just a thematic ep
that had been shelved for some time.
I finished it and uploaded it. I could do a limited
edition whatever but i choose for the free download
option etc. For many people to 'enjoy'.

bubonic burial rites: Slow droning sounds distorted organs and
choral samples with the heaviest most compressed
percussion sounds i've done so far. More sounds create a tension
/atmoshpere almost unbearable until the release:
a gong ritual with field recordings from the stillness
of the place i live. Slowly building the tension again to
result in some string/chamber music piece until the
mastodonic percussion announces the final bludgeon.

vademecum mutilus: Overblown production value's
I don't give a fuck, it just sounds right to me this way.
Reverbed feedback with sledgehammer stomps.
Low basses with extravagant distorted string samples
and mutilated screaming. Bliss!

tarred coffins: Refering to the custom of tarring coffins
during the time of the great plaque.
Starts off with my little eerie philicorda (sixties organ
from the netherlands). A little processing until the usual 'gnaw'
sickness comes in with the appetite of a starving dog.
Ripping to shreds the philicorda drone with distorted basses
and drums, wobbling high synthscreaming and prepared guitar.
Starting. Stopping. Tumbling over each other.
Fighting with the 'vocals' for a place in the sonic spectrum.
Resolving in a interlude with some melodic touches until the
final coda of overdistorted noise howling and spactic
percussion..the sound of demons eating the world.

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