dinsdag 25 maart 2008

devotion ep CDr 2008

1. devotion
2. cannibalis
3. lijkvocht
4. opgebaard

a mini 'devotion' 100 copy's on at war with false noise.
the website says: "A new limited CDr from the current main man of torturous, necrotic black noise, Gnaw Their Tongues. This is some of his most noisy, "anti musical" stuff to date, all jangling chains, old samples of torture victims, cold synth and total NECROMATICAL SCREAMS. It reminds me a lot of Abruptum, but not quite as minimalistic. Whilst not overtly black metal in terms of sound, the aesthetic and general sense of utter misanthropy is abundantly clear. A perfect companion piece to his more "mainstream" releases. These won't stay around long so get 'em while you can!!

Put a lot of time and effort into the packaging on this one: A3-sized card sleeve with a black-on-black vellum insert, with a double-sided CD-size fully printed card sleeve inside, and printed silver CDr with black bottom. All held in a DVD-size PVC wallet. 100 copies."

SOLD OUT at at war with false noise !! t-shrirts avialable

i got some copy's left. order here SOLD OUT
Some copy's will be avialable at aquarius records SOLD OUT

recorded this a while ago being in a pretty nihilistic mood. had no intension on releasing it as a record. maybe put some tracks on other releases. than Al from at war contacted me about doing a release and these recordings where perfect for his great label.

Track 1. is all detuned bass guitars, feedback howling, improv/processed drums, distorted field recordings, acoustic guitars (distorted), my home made string device and a thousand other things. the second part features field recordings, low rumbles and a 'text-to-speech' spoken word parts, with some 'uplifting' poetry.

Track 2. contains samples from documentaries about the african practice of juju or cannibalism. in war-torn countries it's pretty common for militia member to eat slain enemies, or kill captured enemies for some liver/heart eating. gruesome! Also contains samples from a documentary about illegal organ trade in south africa. the music is again one big noise/improv orgasm of sound. all clashing drums/cymbals/bass/guitar/samples/synth.

Track 3. is a little more structured. still chaotic as fuck. lijkvocht means 'corpse fluids' in dutch.

Track 4. is an older track from another session that abandons the idea of 'structure', 'music' all together. all buzzing noise, alien soundscapes and deathyells. carpet bombing with sound. as i told you all on the first cd: death, suffering and death!!!!