maandag 27 augustus 2007

die mutter wählt das todtenkleidchen mini cd '07

1. Leichenbergen 06:10
2. And the Waters Shall Prevail Upon the Earth 06:34
3. 29 Needles 07:58
4. Die Mutter Wählt Das Todtenkleidchen 09:28

Released on corps morts records (can).
Some of my best work to date! Leichenbergen (corps mountains) plods along dissonantly and onevenly with orchestral stabs and bass wails to reveal some deaden melody's buried beneath the chaos, to end with a timeless drone bludgeoned with low frequencies. Track two is a harsh black metal workout ridden with orchestral sample,insane shrieking and a dissonant sense of melody. Over the top harshness. 29 needles (refering to 29 different needles revealed by a prison x-ray in the groin of serial killer Albert Fish) is a dark funeraldoom paced study in bleakness and uneasy tone structures resulting in an intense pain-ridden listen. 'Die mutter' is a twisted drone with four basses and some drums. Feedback buzzes around this track as flies around a ripe corps. Ah..i did not even mention the subject matter...
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