woensdag 28 april 2010

Gnaw Their Tongues - The Blotched And The Unwanted - April 2010

Download only! Unreleased, old, new, sick, unwanted, dead material for corruption of souls. Recorded between 2006 and 2010. Download also includes high-res sleeve intented for a DVD-Box + blotched wallpaper. Will not be released in any other format.
$2 for +60 minutes of music in lossless (flac) cd quality.

Download/Stream here

1. Tomb 02:44:
Never used intro: intro was intended for the 'all the dread..' album

2. Massgrave Hymn 05:34
Recorded track from around the 'bubonic burial rites' free download ep.

3. An erotic beheading 05:11
Old track from around the 'prefering ..ep' period.

4. Rape In Early Spring 13:26
Recorded this for an vinyl only LP which got cancelled. very moody beginnings and brutal ending. Stand out song in my opinion. Never fitted in with the other albums.

5. Bloedkorst 03:48
Unfinished track from the 'all the dread..' sessions. I left the second part out as it was unfinished.

6. Untitled 03:52
Recorded for the 'an epihpanic...' album. The second half of this track (which is missing here) became another track. Still like this first part.

7. Lightless 08:54
Recorded for the split with painforged. Very different track. I really like how the church organ sounds came out.

8. Scatological Meditation 20:27
Recorded for an vinyl only LP. Recorded the drums very basic and started piling sounds. Turned out vile.

9. Prayer For The Bloodred Rain 04:07
Oldest track on this compilation. Based on a burial trumpets piece. Eerie.