vrijdag 24 augustus 2007

spasming and Howling...vomiting Helplessly '07

Full title...Spasming and Howling, Bowels Loosening and
Bladder Emptying, Vomiting Helplessly..."

1. Totentanz / Kindergrab 07:36
2. Sound the Horns, the Water is Poisoned 06:57
3. Nihilism; Tied Up and Burning 06:39
4. Chinese Torture Worship 08:18
5. Horse Drawn Hearse 09:50
6. Seven Heads, Ten Horns 08:40

Three old tracks; three new tracks; Download only promo! Not a physical release! Downloaded over 2400 times (aug 2007)! Got some rave reviews on the net. A 'nice' introduction to the sound of gnaw their tongues. Personal favorite; Totentanz/Kindergrab. A slow and brooding weird fucked up track with a gruesome subject; big production and harsh sound manipulation! Track 1 and 4 were suppossed to be a 10-inch. Never happened.
For all you freeloading bastards the whole promo as zip
And here you can stream + single download the tracks!

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