maandag 4 januari 2010

Split with painforged jan 2010

Split with Painforged.
Three tracks of 'different' Gnaw Their Tongues material.

Kaolo: Bugelhorns/live drums/live Timpani/voice. A dark improv ritual for the dying.

Kaolo II: Organ/live drums/guitars/bassguitars/violin/voice.
Video here:
demons invocation through self-immolation.

The heads of beasts needed sex: bowed bass/live drums/live Timpani/noises/spoken word.
universal filth impaled with perversity.

100 copies. Packaged in a DVD-Box + black CDR.
Order at Shadowgraph records

Dim Lit Hate Cellar dec 2009

Recordings from 2004 i found on my hardrive.
Total hateful black metal!
Download the ep for free: here