vrijdag 24 augustus 2007

deathdrone 3 cdr '07

1. nihilism; tied up and burning (also on the download only promo)
2. anhedonia
3. destroying is creating
4. diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders
5. the planets align and nothing happens
6. untitled bonus track

Third release; released in 2007 as CDR. Material recorded in 2005/2006. All remixed for a better sound. These were tracks that didn't fit on the two previous releases. So i tweaked and twisted them and dumped them all on one cd; "Leftover abortions drowned in bile..". Half of these tracks will appear on: "reeking, pained and shuddering" cd released on Paradigms Recordings with three brand new tracks!

As usual a wide range of sounds and subjects; from death ambient to raging black metal to slow body dragging work outs. A really sick 'celebration' of pain; death; weltschmerz in general. Comes in a handmade cardboard sleeve. 5 euro's (+ postage). Order: here

Currently Out of print!

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