donderdag 13 september 2007

reeking, pained and shuddering cd '07

1. blood spills out of everything i touch 08:36
2. utter futility of creation 05:28
3. nihilism; tied up and burning 06:32
4. the evening wolves 04:52
5. destroying is creating 07:28
6. transition 10:24

Released on paradigms recordings (uk)
The paradigms website says: Harrowing, apocalyptic bestial ritual music from the deepest, darkest cellars of the Netherlands. Avant black metal, agonising funeral doom and blackened experimental drone noise stab forth again and again until all the blood is spilt and total carnage is all that remains. Pure dread put to music. Recommended for disturbed folk into Abruptum, Khanate, Axis Of Perdition, Swans and Univers Zero. Presented as a limited edition of 500 copies only, in white dvd sized box with insert.

Well i agree;

Blood spills out of everything i touch; brooding dissonance and orchestral howling create a tension beyond belief.
The track starts out with staccato drums and basschord stabs; to resolve in time defying rythmic slaughter; transforms to drone-like ambience only to slowly bleed to death while being raped by (fill in favorite serial killer here)! Including some real life samples featuring a notorious murder case in the UK.

Utter futility of creation; well everybody seems to like this one. I agree it's like getting high on blood. Check it in the myspace player.

Nihilism; tied up and burning; also featured on the free promo/deathdrone 3; here in a new more devasting mix.

Evening wolves; remix of the Anhedonia (Deathdrone 3) track; a more ambient/drone tracks..and SO dark! Features a spoken word sample from the bible book Habakkuk by the prophet Habakkuk; more info on him here.

Destroying is creating (new mix); classic gnaw track; harsh, slow, droning, very uneasy atmosphere, noisy, slight industrial feel.

Transition; Oh my god this turned out dark; the lowest tuned gnaw track! Thunderous drumsound; hypnotic guitars scratches/wailing; extremly low tuned basses (beyond B); crawling tempo; almost grinding to a halt at times. In 'honour' of Ed Gein. Very very...very dark...

The whole thing comes in a 'beautiful' packaged white DVD-box with some sickening sleeve art.

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