maandag 27 augustus 2007

prefering human skin over animal fur c-30/Cdr '07

side A 1. Prefering human skin over animal Fur 12:20
Side B 2. Spasming and Howling 07:50
3. Glorification of Rats 05:34

C-30 cassette released by epicene_esr (us) juli '07 limited to 50 copy's.
The 'Prefering human skin over animal Fur' is a long drony funeral crawl with an extreme uneasy atmosphere. Obscure scraping noises, wailing and weeping female voices, lost fragments of nightly conversation of the dead, washes of static noise, chimes, howling winds, and the trademark sick bass sounds and otherworldly vomiting of blood poetry. And okay it's serial killer obsessed! DARK!

The b-side continues with utter sickness and dissonance; the 'spasming' tracks starts of with ghostly voice until the oppressive and suffocating bass and drums kick in with time defying signature and dissonace to climax with slow motion knife stabs.
'Glorification' is a more uptempo bleeding; again with weird time signatures. Dark and gloriously depraved in it's subject matter and sound; "Abandon hope all ye who enter here..."

Now also available as dvd-case with different Artwork.
3 euro's (+ postage) Order here (DVD-Case)

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