woensdag 2 februari 2011


Out 7 feb 2011 on http://transcendentalcreations.com.
7 track concept album packaged in a six panel digipack.

Track 2 of the album.

Two other tracks in themyspace player.

The Divine Antithesis tracklist:

He taketh angelical form to quest the divine antithesis
part 1: Transfiguration
part 2: The stench of burning wings

And a great fyre flamed out of it vehemently
part 3: The Flaming Sword
part 4: The Heavens
part 5: Torn between ruins, faith and the Divine

Divine Death
part 6: Burning Hands and a Crown of Flames
part 7: Angelical deformity

There also will be DMV shirts.

More info soon.

2 opmerkingen:

Incubi zei

This is simply a masterpiece- the first in a very LONG time. I love the vocals, they're insane, and overall the sound palette is incedibly diverse, which I love. Thank you so much for creating such brilliant music.

Incubi zei

by the way when i said the first in a very long time i meant music in general- not your output haha. All of your stuff is great, but I think De Magia Veterum is my favourite project of yours.