dinsdag 30 juni 2009

All the dread magnificence of perversity. 2xlp/cd/digital download july 2009.

This took an enormous amount of energy, sweat and blood. Hours and hours of recording, editing, mixing. Many very late night sessions.
It contains familiar aspects of the 'gnaw' sound (if there is one? i think all the releases have there own sound) and also some new/unheard sounds!
It's a monster..

01. My orifices await ravaging
Awakening to an unpleasant orifice ravaging. Low pounding percussion and low roaring bass stabs. Metal clang, slaughtered pigs. Truely disturbing growls and screams. Stings fighting with horns. Deathstruggle. Chaos. Unbearable tension. A mess of pain and blood.

02. Verbrannt und verflucht
(Burned and cursed) Bloodcurling string swells. Uneven rhythms, chaotic riffs/stabs/clangs. Scraping black board with a pulled off fingernail. Bombastic grandeur.

03. Broken fingers point upwards in vain
Bowed bass guitar warns of the upcoming horror. Harsh dissonant string/bass/drums in a muderers embrace with high shrieking vocals. A middle section stalked by cinematic strings, bowed bass and a sacrificial ritual. More depressing bowed bass/cello/drones ending in a funeral march with really unsettling victim screams.

04. The stench of dead horses on my breath and the vile of existence in my hands
Featuring a poem by Gustave Flaubert. The lowest and harshest track. Feedback, noise, dissonance. Slow industrial pounding, an orchestra played by fallen angels. A depressing anthem to celebrate death. A monotonous soulrape for the end of mankind.

05. l’Ange qui annonce la fin du temps
Stealth. Tension. Low stretched vocals. Hissing of serpents. Dread filled whispers. Low piano abuse and slow pounding drums. Long stretched notes and dead building drones. True dread filled sonic horror. Indeed ....la fin du temps.

06. Gazing at me through tears of urine
A vile nightmare filled with urine drenched victims, accompanied by the darkest cinematic sweeps and melodies bordering on the dissonant but not really. Almost 'catchy'

07. Rife with deep teeth marks
Slowly building from noise and orchestral stabs to a full grown disaster of clashing sounds: all uneven rythms, bass riffs and orchestral horror, with the second half buzzing with trombones like flies around a decaying body. After grinding down to a screeching halt, a dark piano/bass motive emerges from the filth to explode in a terrible distorted bassdrone melody. Heavy track.

08. All the dread magnificence of perversity
Horror. Dread. Trombones. Strings. Screams. Low. Noise. Thick and dense. And a really BIG finale.

09. The gnostic ritual consumption of semen as embodiment of wounds teared in the soul
A two note drone/trance workout with lo-fi percussion and extremely low tuned bass and vocals sounding like someone vomiting up gallons of semen. A harsh wall of dissonant high-pitched strings slowly join the ritual and ceremonial bells top of the sound spectrum.

(vinyl only)
10. Thee, I invoke, Akephalou
A slow 'quite' invokation. Stealth and tension.

11. I hear only the clanking of the scythe
Probably the hardest/harshest track. Distorted, noisy and frantic violin work.

12. A promise of revenge whispered from stitched lips
A slow drone track. All dark distorted bass chords and stretched tones and thunderous percussion. Pregnant with dread and with a promise of revenge. Again the haunted sounds of trombone suffocate the ending of this track.

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Krumbled Kookie zei

Is there a North American distributor of the vinyl release of this album? Shipping from Europe costs almost as much as the album itself, and I'd really prefer not to have to order direct from Europe...

mories zei

relapse records got the LP's

Erik zei

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