dinsdag 21 oktober 2008

the genocidal deliverance ep 7 inch okt 2008

1. The Genocidal Deliverance
2. Dead Bird Prophecies

7 inch single out on At War With False Noise.

Two chaotic black metal tracks!

Order here At War With False Noise

Info here

Website says: First time on 7" for this black metal beast! Whilst the last release I did for Gnaw Their Tongues was very Abruptum-esque crypt-dwelling, chain-clanking noise, this release sees Mories go for a more "traditional" - if that can ever be said of GTT - black metal approach. Fast and raw as fuck but with some great melodies going on, there's even a trad metal wail on the A side. It's got the same basement production you'll be used to, reminds me a little of a really under-produced and less technically-adept Marduk circa-"Heaven Shall Burn...". Side B "Dead Bird Prophecies" starts off with some cryptic looping samples then goes straight for the jugular with a complete mess of drums and total black guitar, a total blown-out savage disaster. It all culminates in a chorus of wailing guitar solo, noise and skrieking vocal before settling on a weird keyboard line and some spoken word before all going mental again. Amazing!

300 copies, black vinyl. Pro-done colour sleeves with some unpleasant art by Mories.


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The Count zei

seriously dude, i ordered this days ago.

my turntables are dying to be spinning some gnaw their tongues.
do you have anything else out on vinyl?
(besides, "an epiphanic vomiting...", when i realized it was out on vinyl, i clicked "buy now" immediately)